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Our outdoor water park offers a relaxing and enjoyable escape from the bustle of work and city life. Our lovely “oasis in the heart of our city” has always been a delight for returning and new members of all ages. We provide a safe and family oriented environment for all visitors. We invite anyone out at any time to our Oasis on The Seas!

Tyson Tatum, Owner

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Our son had the privilege of booking his birthday party with his friends and they had a blast. The staff were very friendly and professional and made the event simple.

Julia Green

My family is fond of swimming and thus the oasis aqua park was the perfect activity getting off of our cruise. Not to mention that the water looked amazing. It was a fun time and we are sure to recommend.

Sheryl Lloyd

I would just like to say that we greatly appreciate the way things are run and the people who make it happen. It is a wonderful experience and adds so much meaning to our lives. In particular, the water was clear and super visible. The management and staff are doing a terrific job.

Josephine Gardner